Surrogate ID
When putting through a lead for an existing customer, agents should please include correct SURRID, to ensure all referrals map to lead API successfully. We have updated the system and will have up to date SURRID’s. Please do not put through a lead as a prospect when it is an existing customer, as this makes reporting inaccurate. From this week we will be reviewing all prospects leads against customer file to confirm everyone is putting in leads correctly.
Single Tile select
We are changing the system to only allow 1 lead at a time. This will help route the lead to the right sales team/person and hopefully improve conversions.
Industry type drop down (Insurance tile UK/Ireland)
A new compulsory drop down has been added to insurance tiles specifying the type of industry of the customer/prospect. This will help sending the lead quickly to correct Insurance office/team that specialise in that Industry. Please ensure that the correct Industry Type is chosen, not other (Unless not stated in Cruise/Kinesis Connect/Salesforce).
Electric Vehicle Products (tile)
We will now split out ChargePoint and charge cards with a drop down menu
Please make sure you select correct location and team when you log-in to help support reporting.
Please remember to always put a comment in the note section as this will dramatically increase the likelihood of your referral converting. Failure to do so could result in your lead getting rejected.
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